Customers of corporations


With the skills and wisdom of making confectioneries cultivated by Kagizen, we respond to the wide range of demands by customers of corporations. Commemorative goods and gifts, development of original products from the manufacturing stage, selection of container, enhancing the beauty of the idea, we are here to assist in its formation and its taste.
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Dai-yu-toh Dai-yu-toh Dai-yu-toh


Waka-jyu-toh Waka-jyu-toh Waka-jyu-toh

Waka-jyu-tohHigashi specially made for Ensyu-ryu’s tea ceremony. Dai-yu-toh with its old official seal was a favorite of the family predecessor head; Waka-jyu-toh also a confectionery with its design taken from an old family crest handed down through the generations of Ensyu-ryu.

monet monet monet

monetDesign brand, Sfera’s original confectionery Hi-gashi with gentle colors that utilizes pure Wasanbon-to and organic matcha (green tea). The lotus flower motif, an idea formed from a Swedish designer.

Mizu-tama (polka-dot pattern) / Koushi (lattice work) Mizu-tama (polka-dot pattern) / Koushi (lattice work)

Mizu-tama (polka-dot pattern) / Koushi (lattice work)Kagizen and Café, Seseragi Sfera
Menu of collaboratively developed items made with agar-agar. Sweets of summer with a cool and modern look, made with use of brown sugar syrup, matcha, plum, shiro-tama (rice-flour dumplings).