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We make no warranty as regards the documents on this server and their contents. If there should be an error in the content of any document on this server, we will assume no responsibility for it. Furthermore, please note that matters contained in the documents on this server may be amended or canceled without notice.
<Handling of Copyright Protected Works on the Site>
Unless otherwise specially stated, information, company logos, trademarks, pictures, images and other works that are provided on the Site belong to us. Those copyright protected works will be handled and used as follows:
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<Handling of Link to the Site>
In principle, you may freely provide a link to our Site. However, with respect to third party sites linking to our Site, we assume no responsibility for the content of such sites linking to our Site or of those linked therefrom. However, we do not permit the following links.
  1. Links from sites containing defamation of our company, disparagement of our goods or services, or damage to our credibility
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